5 Huge Warning Signs of a Bad SEO or Digital Marketing Agency

Bad SEO or Digital Marketing AgencyKETING AGENCY

Here are 5 detailed analysis to know if your SEO or Digital marketing agency is cheating on you!

1. They Ask if they can own your Data/Logins

Some agencies ask to take over full control over all your logins and data.

Many companies don’t realize how truly dangerous this can be if things don’t work out later between the agency and the companies.

Suppose a company no longer wants to work with the agency. If the agency is a shady one, it will hold the company’s data and logins as hostages to keep the contract going.

This can lead to legal disputes that can go on for months, and years. You may need to create new logins to resume work!

2. They Guarantee #1 Rankings/ Top Results

There are several SEO professionals and agencies out there that win business by pitching that they guarantee #1 rankings. People even fall for this claim! They call you up to discuss strategies so as they generate more traffic on your pages. They lure you into it and you get convinced. But that’s the end of it!

3. They Tell Their Story, Not Yours

Many always will keep speaking of their stories and have nothing to do with you. They simply boast about their achievements. They talk about what awesome feat they achieved. And they talk about the bills you owe them of course.

They never discuss the defeats or what probably caused the defeat. They are simply not transparent. This indeed is a large disservice.

Agencies having such a  mindset are always afraid to tell you how exactly they are working and what are they doing because they don’t want to give away their secret formula that is making everything work but isn’t relevant. That formula is often not honest. And that’s not how it works! Make sure you carefully listen to them and keep questioning them.

4. The Partnership Is Positioned as Transactional

You need to always be precisely careful of how an agency pitches to you, as that will determine how the relationship will operate.

People who are willing to help you will tell you that they do, people who don’t want to help you will only tell how much their service costs and about all the irrelevant monthly meetings that shall be structured. This is what it is to hire either a good partner or a vendor. You decide!

The partner will dig in deeper with you, no matter what the situations are. You will cry or celebrate as a team!

A vendor will simply send you a bill amounting to a huge money.

If an agency simply spends the hour talking about how great they are and doesn’t give any information relevant so as to what they can do for you, the relationship won’t work and you will simply be spent.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with a brag slide. But, you should try and look for folks who have done some research on your brand. They must provide things they believe you both as a team can achieve together. Those are truly the ones who care about you and your business. Definitely you will not mind to pay them!

5. Their Case Studies Are Outdated

Most companies brag a lot by talking about several case studies of theirs. The key point here is, they never mention the period of those case studies. It is important that you ask for the dates as that is the most essential. The SEO industry changes every day but they don’t show you the most recent data!

The lesson here is to always dig a little deeper on those wins and when they happened. With SEO changing as much as it does, even a project from a couple of years ago could have no relevance today.

So they are the top 5 factor to consider for not partnering with bad SEO or Digital Marketing Agency.

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