The Future Of Digital Advertising In India

Present and Future of Digital Marketing

Digital advertising basically is the practice of delivering promotional content to users through various online and digital channels. It leverages mediums such as social media, search engines, email, apps, websites, etc. Digital advertising is a coming of the aging mode of advertisement and the future of digital advertising has become even more grappling since the internet rules the world now, and everything starting from our online food orders to shopping, communication through email, and social media all happen online. In the current times of pandemic when people aren’t even able to step out, major functions of our lives such as our jobs or online classes are all getting organized via the internet. In such an age, digital advertising is extremely gripping and has a larger hold on the audience or customers.

What platforms are used by companies to advertise online? We have seen ads dominating screen spaces when we open various websites, even our social media apps have posts and stories with different advertisements. We also get a huge load of emails from various companies advertising their brands and stuff. Companies have their entire elaborate accounts on different social media platforms now, with an elaborate description of their products and values.

We have often seen paid promotions while scrolling through Instagram, we have seen influencers promote the products they use on their respective social media accounts.

Noting down the advantages of digital advertising:

  1. Way more accessible to people since almost everyone nowadays uses the internet in some form or another.
  2. More elaborate and accessible information about each product or service is available without having to travel long distances or go through any hustle
  3. Largely promotes online shopping which is a new industry that is flourishing. Especially in times of pandemic, we know how important it is to be able to access goods of different sorts online.
  4. Is a major source of income for many people. Several apps provide content to people accessing the internet and in turn, get paid through these advertising companies. When we play a Youtube video, the ads that accompany are responsible for paying to the creator of the video. A similar principle applies to several other apps.
  5. Careers of a lot of social media Influencers largely or entirely dependent upon these ad companies. These influencers, once they cross a certain number of followers, participate in paid promotions for several brands which are their source of income. Several models advertise for clothing or makeup companies, several fitness experts advertise for different fitness equipment, or food packages with organic stuff, sportsmen advertise for sports equipment.
  6. These days, several bakeries or confectionaries have their entire elaborate pages online where they constantly update people about their new items and stuff, which has a huge outreach and also interests the viewer in a better way.
  7. In recent times, even large movies or series or albums are releasing exclusively online, and these things influence a huge customer base who can be easily introduced to new products on these platforms.
  8. Budding new talents such as upcoming singers and authors and graphic designers work on projects online and their main mode of income are these advertisements that accompany their creations, and this provides a huge scope of opportunities to budding talent as a source of their income in times where people would rather download music online and download art online rather than buying vinyl records or going to art exhibitions.
  9. In times when people would rather scroll through several options of clothing, food items, items of daily use, services online, and purchase rather than actually searching through shops, digital advertising is the key.
  10. It is cost-effective. The increasing prices spent on materials to construct banners are cut down in the case of digital marketing.
  11. There is a level playing field meaning that, even if a new company or brand enters into the paradigm, there isn’t the unfair inferiority compares to already existent brands.

If you’re a business agency which is done with the existent traditional ways of advertising, the tried and tested strategy of online advertising might benefit you because of the following reasons.

  1. It is cost-effective
  2. Digital marketing allows you to target ideal customers
  3. Digital marketing provides scope for changes
  4. Due to the ability to target more specific leads, the conversion rate improves.

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