Why Marketing Agency in India Are Not Offering Quality Services


Marketing services we all have heard this term everywhere and even some of us worked in that before and obviously, we know how that work, on what rule it works for whom they work and the costing, people are not so concerned about the quality services and only about the services cost if we think why services are not so good the major reason behind this, people are working in all these fields are knowledgeably good but some are just concerned about the money, and in the service user maximum of those are not willing to pay the money they ask for and they will start cutting service and taking the quality of service down then comes the companies weak point

Are our marketing services being not good because of us?

The companies are trying work at their best but if we check our side we will the real problem, consumer, consumer are their people are working on start-ups keep taking those services but not up to the mark the company runs on the number of consumers and we can clearly see that we never had the desired number of consumer in these fields, and the people who take these services compensate in money and then when they do not get the result they start blaming the company

Company’s fault

The company sometimes work effectively whereas sometimes it works just to complete the given task just because of the money, not actually the company but the employee they work hard but when a bit delay in salary they start working they do not want to and it never satisfies a customer’s need if you see the current scenario you will find that companies are just running on the basis of marketing, people are still living in a world where they negotiate in price and still blames the company that they are not providing good services 

What makes the Marketing Agency different from others?

Every Agency is unique but still, there are some point what makes an agency different from others what they are and how they can work effectively we will see ahead

Productive work

Every company tries to work in a productive manner, but the major difference comes when they understand the work according to a strategy like reaching the desired audience, monitoring the progress, monitoring the current vies on the ad or whatever their advertising method They can keep a watch on How their ad service is working if the ad service is not working properly then they can Switch to some other Advertisement agency  and if not to the other ad agency  they can tell the company that they have to pay more as there ad is not reaching to the desired audience

Genuine work

Sometimes we see the work is not genuine in some agencies and if not then How will the companies get the desired results we can’t blame the agencies for the genuine work they try their best for the genuine work but at some moments the company which give the agency to work that company’s demand are not genuine according to what they are paying


Planning is the most important part in a business and if you are in marketing business then the planning is the must-do before you start the work first we have to discuss with the company about their product on the website they are promoting then we have to plan how we are going to promote that product if possible they should create a team which will keep an eye on The advertisement reach and views

Targeting audience

When we talk about targeting audience means what type of product we are or maybe website we are marketing for If the product is related to students what target will be students or maybe parents of students how it can be school or knowledge it’s pretty simple to target audience I feel proper knowledge


It’s not like India does not have any good marketing agency but it is about we don’t know whom to approach and where not to negotiate

Marketing is maximum about the money and the person’s interest.